Our Purpose:  Prolanthropy exists to disrupt the archaic narrative that charitable giving must be driven by guilt and to end shame for those receiving aid from charities

Our Niche:  We create once-in-a-lifetime experiences where our clients, donors and recipients feel like rock stars and become fanatical followers of our managed foundations.

Prolanthropy is the largest and most successful provider of philanthropy management services in professional sports and collegiate coaching, specializing in the formation and management of not-for-profit charitable foundations of professional athletes and coaches.  Having established an industry leading presence built on nearly two decades of world-class results, Prolanthropy provides clients with the fiduciary, governance, event, programming, and marketing expertise needed to achieve their philanthropic goals.

Corporate culture fit is of primary importance to Prolanthropy.    Our business is unique, and our success is dependent upon having the right people on our team.  We have built a close-knit, team focused business in an ever-changing industry. We believe that winning teams are filled with patriotic, humble, hungry, and emotionally intelligent teammates. Our corporate culture of teamwork can only exist in physical proximity and thus, we are an in-person workplace with limited availability for remote work.

Interested candidates must: 1) be inspired by the purpose of impacting the lives of at-risk children and families; 2) be humble enough to work in the non-profit world and be inspired to be a part of a firm that is in the for-profit world; 3) believe that more lives can be impacted by bringing together the serving spirit of non-profit organizations and the pro-growth and efficiency models of for-profit organizations; and 4) believe in the simple, yet powerful equation of “a compelling cause + a well-respected celebrity who genuinely cares for that cause + a professional infrastructure = a whole that makes a much greater impact on the lives of those in-need than the sum of its parts".

We accept applications year round.  As we have openings, we will review the submitted applications and reach out to qualified candidates.


To apply, please e-mail your resume with your target position in the subject line of the email, along with a cover letter outlining your target position, availability to start, and salary requirements to


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