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Interested candidates must: 1) be inspired by the purpose of impacting the lives of at-risk children and families; 2) be humble enough to work in the non-profit world and be inspired to be a part of a firm that is in the for-profit world; 3) believe that more lives can be impacted by bringing together the serving spirit of non-profit organizations and the pro-growth and efficiency models of for-profit organizations; and 4) believe in the simple, yet powerful equation of “a compelling cause + a well-respected celebrity who genuinely cares for that cause + a professional infrastructure = a whole that makes a much greater impact on the lives of those in-need than the sum of its parts."

We accept applications for the following positions year round.  As we have openings in respective positions, we review the applications and will reach out.  If you are interested in multiple positions, please feel free to note that in your email application.

Marketing + Communications Manager

Programs + Events Manager

IT Support Specialist

Director, Foundation Management

Cross Department Support Coordinator

To apply to any of the open opportunities, please click on the position title and follow the instructions listed on the job description.
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